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Born Green Generation movement.

We are a community of hospitals, healthcare professionals and parents protecting current and future generations from the harmful effects of plastics and chemicals by demonstrating that toxic-free healthcare is possible and making it a global norm.

Toxic-free healthcare environments

The experiences and environments that shape babies’ first 1,000 days – from conception to their second birthday –
play a crucial role in influencing their future health.

In this vulnerable stage, babies are routinely exposed to harmful chemicals and plastic products during their hospital care from items that could have safer alternatives like disinfectants, plastic gloves and disposable gowns. Exposure can lead to severe and lasting health issues, from chronic diseases, diabetes and even cancer, as babies’ defence systems are not yet developed.  

We believe all babies should and can be born in healthcare environments that are free from unnecessary and harmful plastics and toxic chemicals – so that they can develop healthily and thrive.​ Over the next three years, we’re embarking on a 
one-of-a-kind project to make this a reality.

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Our theory of change

Our work sits across three pillars that will help drive transformational change:

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Innovating practice

Showing how toxic-free prenatal and postnatal care can be a reality by developing Born Green Wards that work towards being free from unnecessary chemicals and single-use plastics.

Pregnant women


Shifting culture

Spreading awareness of best-practice and Born Green Wards to ignite a desire across society for healthcare free from unnecessary chemicals and single-use plastics.

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Transforming policy

Sharing our learnings and recommendations to encourage transformational policies that drive a new era of safer, more sustainable prenatal and postnatal care.

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Great potential;
enormous impact

While the aim of our movement is to safeguard babies’ futures, the changes we’re seeking naturally safeguard the planet’s 
future too; by dramatically reducing healthcare’s chemical and plastic footprint.

Our goals are bold, but not tackling the issue is truly unthinkable. Join us on our journey to drive transformative change so that the next generation of babies is Born Green – free of toxic chemicals and plastics, and on a greener planet that is healthier for everyone.

In partnership with hospitals and trusts across Europe:

HCWH Europe recognises the Flotilla Foundation
for their generous support of Born Green Generation